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C. 1950s Hazel-Bishop ''Longer Lasting'' Lipstick commercial

An old commercial for Hazel-Bishop Longer-lasting Lipstick. This commercial was taken from an episode of "Beat the Clock" that can be downloaded on another part of the site.

Run time 1 minutes 35 seconds
Audio/Visual sound


Reviewer: Eklectic1 - - June 30, 2012
Subject: In reply to the first comment...
Women probably removed it with application of something called "cold cream"---a heavy oily moisturizing stuff women typically used back then to remove the old-fashioned pancake face makeup. I haven't seen a jar of it for years, but it used to be a staple of women's dressing tables (back when women had dressing tables)! If you watch something like the old Bewitched TV show, you'll probably see Mrs Kravitz at night going to bed with a full face of it, back then also used to supposedly ward off wrinkles and aging. (And probably had a contraceptive use in that it discouraged husbands from approaching women with faces covered in the stuff.)
Reviewer: brickmush - - December 29, 2011
Subject: A Dilemma
But how do you take it off your lips when you want it to come off?